excuse me, what the fuck? Are you fucking serious?

how to use

  1. copy this link 👉️ https://excuseme.wtf
  2. paste it in your tweet or wherever. that's it.

get a forwarding @excuseme.wtf email address

  1. send $5 over paypal to hi@wojtek.im
  2. in the note write what email you’d like to claim and where should it forward to
  3. i’ll send you a confirmation once it’s set up or refund if it’s taken

emails claimed so far: 139

site made by @pugson for @amrith, with the idea being @amrith’s.

after careful consideration we would also like to mention @cheepo2109 for showing us these stickers. also huge thanks to @pimcoumans for reminding us that there is no ASCII art on this page.

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